Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working in Sears Electronics

First post will post about games and other random stuff but heading to work soon so decided to describe the job a bit. First of all I get 6 + commission meaning that in the winter and fall when people go Christmas shopping me earning 25+ a hour is actually possible. At the moment its around 8 but still not bad. Sear will hire high school students for this job so I HIGHLY recommend it to any of them out there looking for a job. It is not difficult at all to get hired and most of your day is just spent standing, or sitting on counter when managers aren't around, and helping people. You will probably come to hate yourself for the old "I'm just looking" because if you haven't had any sales that day every person coming in does give you a bit of hope. You also receive 10% off items at Sears and 20% off cloths and since no one ever buys video games from Sears you can buy newly released games 10% off, new consoles 10% off, or things like Xbox Live cards 10% off.

All in all it is a good job and I suggest it for anyone wanting extra cash in high school or college. I really can't think of an easier job that pays as much.

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